Introducing Wildhart Workshop

Welcome to Wildhart Workshop - Providing quality Leatherwork and Costume products and services here in New Zealand and Worldwide.

With over a decade of experience in costume and leatherwork, and servicing large scale productions for stage and screen as well as re-enactment and custom small scale requests - if you want something cool, I've got you covered. The workshop, based just south of Thames, New Zealand, is capable of catering to both one off requests and large production runs, and facilitating connections with a wide network of skilled professionals that we can draw from to assist in bespoke projects of any scale. 

The workshop caters to many NZ companies providing custom leather parts and products at a kiwi-made quality, and on commercial scale, featuring in film production, on stage and in live action events.


What can we provide?

I'm often asked this question, and the best answer is, "Well, what do you need?"
Wether it is working alongside you in the design process, right through to completion, or providing services to streamline your process or give that professional finish, Wildhart can help. 

My experience in leatherwork for commercial products and costume craft covers a huge range of skills including:

  • bespoke leather tooling
  • bookbinding
  • industrial leather parts and products such as fittings, hinges, gaskets, handles etc
  • vintage restoration and repair
  • carving and moulding
  • historic costume and armorcraft
  • stunt-capable costume
  • multimedia costume
  • patterndrafting and design
  • tailoring and seamstressing
  • costume and set props 

and I can also provide a range of products and services such as

  • cutting
  • colouring
  • embossing
  • foil and heatpress
  • punching
  • riveting
  • eyletting
  • hardware
  • pre-cut parts
  • leather and furs

Also, for those of you with time sensitive projects and productions, I am also happy to provide an in-house delivery service to the Auckland area. 


Leatherwork, Costume and Props classes are also available to individuals and small classes both at my site or yours. Get in contact via to discuss how to get creating!