For the Adventurers

Brave adventurers of paddocks, playas, forests and fields - I got you covered
(or, not so covered, if that's what your after...)

Nomad Couture

Layer up with sumptuous natural cottons, linens, leather and wool garments made with the modern nomad in mind.
A treasure trove of wares for festival goers, LARP, Reenactment and funky individuals in general.

Hats and Headwear

Helmets, hats, crowns, horns, hawks and feathered fascinators, and some stuff that doesn't seem to fit into that rather wide description...
but if you wear it on your noggin, you'll find it here.

Costume and Knick-Knacks

Unique costume pieces, jewelry, fancies, and other cool treasures - both wearable, and just nice to have.

Satchels and Belt Pouches

Get your stuff from A to B, and be fabulous in the process.
Cool designs for the modern, and not so modern, tinkerer, trader, knight, nomad, noble and nerd.

LARP Weapons and Props

A new endeavor, embarked on by popular demand - and as such, ever growing, developing and imperfect. You will find show-only and combat capable weapons and props made in a variety of ways to cater to most currently running NZ LARP events - which means that there's a high chance they will be considered con-safe too -
but the onus is on YOU when it comes to compatibility, use and safety.
All the cool stuff herein has been made with extensive R&D and community input, but since there are no concise parameters to construction when it comes to such a wide range of both private and public events it is HIGHLY ADVISED that you speak to the Event Coordinators concerning their specific requirements for size, weight, density and cores before purchasing.
Custom orders to specific parameters are welcome, but lead times will vary.
If none of that made sense to you, and you have never heard of LARP before - have I got news for you...
Its awesome! and there is a bunch of ways to get involved.
The NZ Live Action Roleplaying Society covers a bunch of the basics and has a multitude of links to socials and events. Check them out
Takehe Games runs regular events which are a perfect low-stakes intro to the hobby itself. Find them Here
And find regular combat practice and community get togethers via Facebook. The community is lovely, the people are welcoming and the events are wildly varied. 10/10 Love to see you there sometime.