Fabric Re-Usable Mask - Vintage Flowers

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Fabric Re-Usable Mask - Vintage Flowers
Fabric Re-Usable Mask - Vintage Flowers

Keep your germs to yourself and support our team of 5 million with these handmade fabric re-usable masks! 

Made from a stylish cotton double layered outer and comfortable and breathable linen liner with soft and slim ear elastics. An extra long nose wire ensures a snug fit - especially good for those who wear glasses as it will minimize fogging. Also features a pocket in which to slide a filter for an extra layer of protection.

Masks are adult one-size-fits-most. Adjustment is easy thanks to the large elastic channel - simply switch out the elastics for larger ones, or swap out for full ties etc to save ypur ears and get your perfect comfortable fit. 

Measures Approx 14 cm front length and 30cm width. 
Contact us to discuss custom sizing options.