For the Creators

Here you can find a huge range of my favourite tools and supplies that you can use to craft along at home.

Ready to Use Strap Sets and Shales

Heaps of elements such as buckle strap sets, scales, shales and shapes cut with a press die. The standard leather for this is Vege-tanned Russet, and we have a range of weights in stock but there is heaps more to choose from, so just contact us if you would like something specific. We are also able to cut thin plastics such as Worbla, PU and PVC, thin wood like balsa or ply, and EVA foams and similar.


Finishing & Tools

My favourite and most loved tools and finishes from all over the world, and waxes made by me here in NZ.


Buckles & Closures

A huge range of buckles, hooks and fastenings. 


Rivets & Closures

The same rivets, fixtures and fastenings that we use in all our products - available for you to do the same.


Decorative Elements

Conchos, fancy studs and elements galore!


Rings, Loops and D's

Pretty much what it says on the tin.


Threads and Lacing

My most loved and recommended sewing threads and leather lacing, available by the meter, spool or bundle.